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Science Palooza

March 15, 2021 - March 20, 2021

All week enjoy Science Palooza and the opportunity to experiment and discover outcomes from interesting science experiments.

Make your own Einstein Slime Station- Daily

Robotics Station- Daily

Monday- On STAGE- Miss. Frizzle will be reading a Science book. We will play famous scientist Bingo

Tuesday- Go Away Germs! – Teaching children to wash their hands is crucial! We will discuss the importance of using soap when washing their hands to keep the germs away. This hand washing activity is not only fun, but a great way to teach kids about germs.

Wednesday- Bears Shadow -“Exploring Earth: Bear’s Shadow” is a hands-on activity designed primarily for young visitors and their families. Participants move a flashlight around an object to make and experiment with shadows. The activity can be connected to a storybook about a little bear exploring his own shadow, and also has connections to the geometry of a solar eclipse as the Moon and Sun cast a shadow onto Earth.

Thursday– Erupting Rainbow- It’s Chemistry time! Participants will explore mixing chemicals and creating reactions. What a more fun way then making it colorful! Check out this explosion of colors.

Friday- Do you see what I see? Filtered Light” demonstrates how scientists can use telescopes and other tools to capture and filter different energies of light to study the universe. Most objects in the universe are so distant from us that we can only study them through light. Participants discover how colored filters can help reveal more about an image. They can also make and study colorful images of their own.

Saturday- Nebulas in Space- Participants will learn about how gigantic clouds of gas and dust in space, called nebulas, are formed. They’ll create their own colorful model nebula using paint and a spinner. Because of the unique quantities and locations of the materials and the forces that spread them out, each model nebula will be unique—just like each real nebula!


March 15, 2021
March 20, 2021