Annie McAulay
Annie McAulay is a wife, mother, and self taught artist who teaches children and adults how to paint, sculpt, and create one of kind pieces of art online, in person classes, and face painting.

Creating art is a passion where she tries to bring the audience a sense of joy and wonder. Sometimes, her paintings have hidden sentimental items that are meaningful to each piece like: animals, faces, people, items, places, words, and/or optical illusions that engage the audience.

Annie will be teaching Little Picassos which meets WEDNESDAYS for ages 2-3 year-olds and Scientifically ARTrageous which meets TUESDAYS for ages 6-8 year-olds.

Eryn Housinger 
Eryn Housinger is a Houston raised pediatric physical therapist with 10 years of experience. She has two kids of her own and absolutely loves helping families and their little ones engage in the world around them.

Independent movement is the best thing we can do for our children and this program is a great way to give them a head start!

Eryn will be teaching Mini-Milestones Series for babies 3-18 months. Discover options to your questions regarding child development, selecting engaging toys, activities at home, play room set up, or anything else related to movement! 




Julie Oudin, MSW
Julie Oudin, MSW, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for working with young children to her work teaching mindfulness. A former preschool teacher and director at Interfaith Child Development Center here in The Woodlands, Julie believes all children deserve to feel good about themselves, and using stories, songs, art activities, and creativity she hopes they will gain awareness about their feelings, develop kindness towards themselves and others, and have a lot of fun doing so!

Julie will be teaching Playing Attention, an early play-based experience for 2 -3-year-old children with the comfort of a parent or caregiver nearby. Focusing on mindfulness-related concepts such as kindness, awareness of feelings, exploring with all five senses, and gratitude, this class will promote self-worth and socialization through stories, music and movement, sensory activities, imaginative play, and art.

Wendy West
RobotiKs and Beyond Teacher
Wendy is a senior at Stephen F. Austin University studying psychology and early childhood/special education. Favoring the science subjects, she strives to create

an inclusive environment where children can be comfortable and creative. She is excited to be working with the kids in the Lego Robotics workshop this fall!

Michelle Moralas
Wonderseum Teacher
I am a proud wife to a Retired Marine (USMC) and dog mom to a Red Siberian Husky. I have been working with children since 1997.   I have my Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and I’m fully accredited  in early childhood education. I have twelve years experience in Reggio Emilia.  I believe the Reggio approach program can foster children through empathy, education, expression, and exploration. I believe in investing in the early learning in a child’s life.




Maria Sweeney
Wonderseum Assistant
Maria is an award winning children’s book author in Mexico, where she grew up, and a speaker and promoter of literacy programs for children.. After moving to the Los Angeles area, Maria spent 12 years as an Art docent in the Education Department of the Huntington Library, Art Collection and Botanical gardens in San Marino, becoming the head of its volunteers program and a designer of special arts education programs for Children such as “Discovering Art” and “My Master Pieces” in collaboration with the Pasadena School District.
She is a Spanish teacher for the Whole Child Learning Company.

Maria graduated from Anahuac University in Mexico City with a degree in Law, and a masters certificates in Art, History and Literature. She is married and has three children.

Leigh Cordier
Robotics and Science Teacher
Leigh has been teaching robotics and science classes at the museum since 2018.  She is an engineer and enjoys passing along her love of science and curiosity of how things work.  Leigh has a Geological Engineering Degree from the University of Missouri-Rolla, now Missouri University of Science and Technology.  Leigh looks forward to working with your kiddos in Got Science and Lego Frenzy Meets Righteous Robotics. 








Amanda Einhorn
An educator for over 20 years, Amanda strives to create opportunities for children to discover, and for adults to remember, that everyone is an artist! She currently teaches at Lonestar College, Montgomery. Her exploration of visual art began in the literature classroom teaching poetry and printmaking together. She is a graduate of the Stanford Teacher Education Program, studies ceramics at Foelber Pottery Studio in Houston, and teaches at Claybar in The Woodlands. She is mother of two children and proud to be a part of the education team at the Woodlands Children’s Museum.


Jamie Glass
Education Coordinator
I am excited to join those making a difference, as part of the education team at TWCM. I believe in the power of art and its ability to foster wonderful development in young children both physically and socially. The Woodlands Children’s Museum is a great place for me to share my experience and build within my community.






Ellen Schwabe
Elle has been working in the world of early education for the past 10 years in an international setting. With a background in the non-profit sector she has worked in various educational settings around the world and locally, from creating a bilingual educational center in Tel Aviv for young families, to working with preschools locally to achieve a higher level. She has a love and appreciation of culture, the arts and all things creative and enjoys sharing that passion with the children in our community.  She has a Masters Degree in Child Development.  She works in the museum on outreach, exhibits, curriculum support and with the Wonderseum Preschool. 



Jan Streelman
Literacy Specialist and Music Teacher for Wonderseum
“Miss Jan,” a former children’s librarian in New Hampshire, has been the Literacy Specialist at The Woodlands Children’s Museum since 2016.  She loves sharing her passion for books and music with children through weekly floor programs—Boogie Bash, Shadow Puppet Theatre, and Storybook Theatre.  Recently she introduced Rhyme Time, a program geared to children 6-24 months and their caregivers with a focus on fun hand rhymes, fingerplays, and songs that encourage early literacy development and socialization.  She also brings in visiting children’s book authors on a regular basis and creates book displays to encourage families to connect with books and embrace the joy of reading.  In addition, Miss Jan is the music teacher for the museum’s Wonderseum preschool.