Studio Art Saturdays Workshops for 5-8 year-olds– 10:00am-1:00pm.

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Using various plain and textured paper, tissue paper, fabric scraps, newspaper, torn images from magazines, cardboard, scissors, hole punches, paper punches, handmade stencils, rubbing plates, all kinds of colored tape, glue, paint of many varieties and colors, yarn, wool, string of all kinds, recycled materials and using fingers for tearing, ripping, snipping and cutting, this three-hour workshop presents a springboard to create a multitude of inspiring art sculptures, masks, self-portraits, and more.  Using themes such as transparent and opaque, playing with texture, big and little, black and white, exploring with architecture and more, children journey through a sensory process, discovering, collecting and arranging.  Come join us for artful experiences, implemented by talented artists and art instructors, that are sure to start the day out right. Dwell in the possibilities…
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PLEASE send child with lunch and a thermos/bottle of water.

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January 20th – All About Me
Children begin with the interactive task of tracing each other onto large butcher block paper, creating faces, hair, clothing and other embellishments that spark interest and assist in expressing themselves, providing an exploration of different mediums such as paint, yarn, markers, feathers, recycled paper and more.

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February 17th – Playing Dress Up
Playing dress up truly inspires creative imagination.  Children delight in seeing pictures of themselves, set up in collage format and ready to be dressed up, providing another exploratory environment using different mediums and textured materials.
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March 23rd – Insects in the Garden
Prompting children to investigate “insects and bugs in the garden” using stock images, images from magazines, insect and bug themed books and exploring various collage materials, children draw, cut, arrange, embellish and create their own insects and bugs around a garden theme. 
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April 20th   – Places and Spaces
Embracing art as open-ended play and using table top sized recycled boxes, children paint and then embellish the boxes with torn scraps of paper, magazine scraps, and more exploratory mediums, while using their imagination to create houses, barns, sheds, city blocks, work places, theatres or whatever else is inspiring their artistic dialogue. 
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