KindeReady Workshops 4&5 year-olds

Box of Ideas- Playhouse

meets WEDNESDAYS or THURSDAYS 9am-Noon Ages 4-5 year-olds

*Students must be potty trained and be 4 years old by the start of the semester. KindeReady Workshops are designed with linear curriculum and are not designed for drop-in month to month attendance.

Kinder-Ready workshops magically provide captivating learning games and activities to improve reading readiness and comprehension and number recognition and association, while refining children’s fine motor skills in an environment that fosters creativity and promotes self-expression, with the intent of empowering children with an easier transition to kindergarten. Encouraging the love of books and presenting a different theme each week, children delight in playful and engaging activities such as sing-a-longs, interactive lessons through dramatic play, simple science observations and art projects using various mediums that emphasize phonetic association or themes associated with the story of the week.

Storybook Art presents an opportunity for children to be aware of the chosen children’s book graphics and illustrations by combining tactile artistic activities that accompany the style of the story’s illustrator or the theme of the story. Some of the books were chosen for their particular artistic process and others are chosen for their message and the opportunities of exploration provided for the children.

Please send a packed lunch with your child since the children will be eating lunch from 11:30am-Noon to introduce them to the new schedule they will experience upon entering Kindergarten. Meeting Wednesday or Thursday for 3 hours, class size is limited so sign up early.

KindeReady is designed as a semester long workshop.  Themes change weekly.

Themes: Sweetest Kulu; Mama Pie Panya’s Pancakes; Kitty Cat Kitty Cat Where Have You Been?;
Up and Down the Andes; We’re Riding on a Caravan; Johnny Appleseed; Guido’s Gondola; Papagaya;
Chandra‘s Magic Light; This is the Oasis; Off We Go to Mexico; We’re Sailing to Galapagos

Total fee for semester: Member: $320 Non-Member: $420

Registration for KindeReady requires 50% of fee payable at time of registration. Remaining balance will be due 2/27 or 2/28. $20 discount applied to total balance paid in full at time of registration. Museum refund policy applies.  Please see registration form for policy terms.