Happy Feet

Happy Feet  2 and 3 years-old
Meets on Thursdays
*Class must be attended with grown-up.

Discovering new ways of playing and learning together, Early Childhood Explorations provides a magical classroom-type atmosphere between grown-up and toddler that introduces toddlers to basic social skills while receiving preparation and enrichment for pre-school. Toddler and grown-up delight in theme-based participation activities such as art, movement or motor development skills, all serving as tools to stimulate brain and language development, listening and social skills, as well as strengthening fine motor coordination and spatial awareness.

Playful class size is limited, so please sign up early.

Happy Feet: Designed to be a fun, first time exposure to dance and movement. Young dancers will explore gross motor skills such as hopping, jumping, and skipping. Children discover the basic positions of the body and dance terminology while developing and strengthening communication skills through movement, spatial awareness, rhythm, and coordination, all set to entertaining music.  Attire: Any of the following combinations; Dance tights and leotard, dance pants and a t-shirt, any appropriate exercise clothing. Ballet or Jazz shoes are suggested.