Birthday Party Agreement

A $50 non-refundable deposit and a $10 non-refundable fee will be added to your registration when booking to secure the party date. Please be advised that without a deposit, parties cannot be held or reserved. All requests to reschedule or amend a party must be done 14 days prior to the scheduled party date. Rescheduling within 14 days of your party will result in loss of $50 deposit and $10 fee. A new deposit will be collected to consider a new date. This signed contract must be returned within 7 days of booking your party. A 5% credit card processing fee will be applied at the time at checkout. Party balance will be auto charged the night before the party. 

Fees & Admission
*All guests will be asked to sign in as they enter the Museum to determine the total party cost upon check out. TWCM memberships are not transferable to birthday parties. All member and non-member guests are counted equally in determining the total number of birthday party attendees (adults and children). There can be no more than two birthday honorees per party. Both honorees must be siblings. “Double booking” (i.e., two rooms during the same 2-hour time period OR one room for two consecutive 2-hour periods) will be charged for two parties. However, the same admission guidelines will apply.

*Party packages allow admission to the Museum for 13 children and 20 adults, which includes the birthday child and his/her immediate family as part of the total. If the number of children attending the party exceeds the 13 children allowed for the package, a $9 charge per extra child (or $10 per extra child in an activity party) will be added to the invoice at the end of the party. Maximum number of children attending the party is 20, but children under the age of one will not be counted and guests 13 years of age and older will be counted as an adult. If the total number of adults exceeds the 20 adults allowed for the package, a $7 charge per adult will be added to the invoice. Maximum number of party room guests is 50.

Your reservation allows access to the party room 15 minutes prior to the scheduled party time to decorate your room. We do not have space to store items until the party room opens. There is a cart that can be used but it’s not available until 15 minutes before the party start time. Late arrivals will not be allowed additional set-up time in the party room.

Decoration and entertainment
Banners and/or decorations are not permitted on any walls, ductwork or ceiling. The Museum does not provide helium or staff for balloon inflation. Balloon arches, piñatas, and additional tables are not allowed. Appropriate entertainment is allowed; however, the performers must remain inside the party room.

Food and beverage
You may bring your own prepared food or have it delivered. Food and drinks must stay in the private party rooms. We offer cold storage; however, ice chests are allowed. Glassware, alcoholic beverages, and heating devices (i.e. coffee pots, chafing dishes, crock pots, popcorn poppers, microwaves or hot plates) are not allowed in the museum.

Party Time
The party room is reserved for a 2-hour period. All other exhibits are also available to enjoy during that time. However, the party room is closed to the museum visitors. It’s very important to keep all food (including candy) and drinks in the party room. Please be sure children are supervised by an adult at all times and following the museum rules. The Museum closes at 5:00 P.M. If you are scheduled for the last party, you and your guests are invited to arrive early to play; however, access to the party room is 15 minutes prior to the party time for set up. If having the Activity Party Package, the selected activity will be held during the two hours of the birthday party. If, for any reason, you decide not to do the activity, you will be charged as reserved. No exceptions.

Parties MUST end at the scheduled time, NO exceptions. It is the responsibility of the party hosts to be out of the room at the end of the scheduled time. An additional charge of $25 will be assessed for late exits. Please remove leftover food and decorations. We appreciate your assistance in leaving the party room as you found it.

Staff assistance
A staff member or volunteer will escort you to the party room upon arrival, but will not stay with you during your party. For an additional $50 charge, a Museum Staff member can be available to assist with transporting party supplies to and from the party room, set-up, servicing, and making PA announcements to gather your guests. You are the host of your own party, and you may use your time as you wish. The assistant assists only as stated; therefore, children must be accompanied by a parent or adult throughout the Museum for their safety and supervision. In order to assure that a host is available, if needed, this must be noted in the reservation at the time of making a deposit or no later than three weeks before date of party.

If, due to a weather alert or other major episode on or around the date of your reserved party, you feel the need to cancel your party, The Woodlands Children’s Museum, reserves the right to withhold any deposit, if the Museum is officially open for admission on the day of the scheduled party. In the event that TWCM is officially closed, we will refund your deposit or reschedule your party for a later date.