Author meet-and-greet with Michael Ngang on Wednesday June 26, from 11am-12:30pm.
Michael Ngang will be reading Smile on stage at 11:00 immediately followed by a meet-and-greet until 12:30 where he will be selling both Smile and his other book No Color.
Book format: Hardcover (both books).
Cost: $16 plus tax (this applies to both books).
Forms of payment: Cash, all major credit cards (no checks)


Michael Ngang describes himself as an imagination enthusiast and spreads positive energy wherever he goes.  Michael says, “I believe if you can dream it then you can achieve it. With determination and the right support around you anything is possible.  I am using my story to motivate children to rise above their struggles.” He was born in Houston, Texas to parents of Cameroon descent.  Michael has three sisters, and an adopted younger brother.  In addition to being the author of two children’s books Michael founded the publishing company HyypeBooks .  Michael has a degree in Finance from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Michael states, “We all have a “smile” within us! I know if we continue to spread that smile our society will be better off.” A smile is a simple and profound way to start a positive mindset. Michael states, “I want to encourage children to use the word “can” because everything starts with a positive mindset.” No Color was inspired by his sister Shirley who raised him.  She was diagnosed with Schizophrenia while finishing her Masters at the University of Miami. Michael states, “Shirley’s diagnosis inspired me to help children understand how different people think. I took a symptom “paranoia” from what my sister is dealing with daily and showed people that everyone has a different view i.e. “Artsy Glasses”.  Each of his books inspire children that they can be different, come from a lower income home, have or deal with mental illness, or physical disabilities and still overcome challenges while impacting their community.​