LEGO® Frenzy Meets Righteous Robotiks meets WEDNESDAYS
For homeschoolers.

Aspiring engineers are introduced to the WeDo™ 2.0 kits from LEGO® Education, building LEGO® models featuring working motors and sensors then programming their robot models to solve problems and create innovative projects. Children explore advanced concepts of building, such as balance within structures, ways of building structures and stability by building different models to help strengthen design development and problem-solving skills. While discovering energy, buoyancy and balance, children explore pulleys, levers, gears, wheels and axles by building simple models with LEGO® robotics pieces to satisfy a specific purpose, while exploring basic construction concepts, simple machines and how gears work. Curriculum is designed to develop skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Righteous!!!!!
4 to 6 year olds 9:00am-11:00am