12 for 2 Second Saturday Workshops

img_2272-300x22512 for 2Ā Second Saturday Workshops

Just TWELVE dollars for TWO hours presents a fast-paced, fun-packed Saturday morning experience. Come join us for artful experiences that are surely to start the day out right. Dwell in the possibilitiesā€¦
5 to 8 year-oldsĀ  10:00am-Noon

Saturday September 10th
Clay Play
Explore professional quality air dry clay building coil pots and pinch pots. Adding embellishments such as straw and small colorful objects creates results to be cherished for many years to come.

Saturday October 8th
All Hallowā€™s Eve
Children explore a Celtic cultural influence on Halloween festivities creating assorted art projectsĀ reflecting various art mediums.

Saturday November 12th
Crazy Art With Found Objects
Be amazed at the crazy sculptures that can result from combining recyclable objects and found every day objects. Add lots of color and the sculpture is ā€œcraaazzzyyy!!!!

*No classes the week of 11/21-11/25 for Thanksgiving Break