Toddler Area Sponsorship

The Woodlands Children’s Museum is planning a new Toddler Exhibit!  With an interactive ocean theme, our youngest visitors will enjoy the boats and giant clam shell seat, practicing movement skills along the wavy walk, engaging in structured play with the ball ramp and raceway, and discovering new shapes, textures, and colors along the ocean-themed mural.













Donations from individuals and area businesses are critical to funding the new exhibit and maintaining it for the thousands of children who will enjoy it each year.

A $100 donation will . . . help maintain the aquarium at the front of the exhibit.
A $500 donation will . . . help provide books, small vehicles, balls, and other tools that will be used for structured play.
A $1000 donation will . . . help provide seating, mats, and cushions within the exhibit.
A $2500 donation will . . . help provide soft flooring in the exhibit for children to safely develop movement skills.
A $5000 donation will . . . help build a 3-dimensional mural with a variety of textures, colors, and shapes for children to explore.
A $10,000 donation will . . . help support the cost of individual elements within the exhibit, such as the wavy walk, crawl-through submarine, and raceway.

For additional information, contact Jennifer Kraus at or contact the museum at 281-465-0955.

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