Thursday October 31st. 2019. 10am-6pm Extended Time
Enjoy a special Monster Mash Boogie Bash, spooky games, experiments, entertainment and much more! Perfect for the little ones. Due to the monstrous popularity of the annual Halloween celebration at The Woodlands Childrenโ€™s Museum, the museum will continue to offer its annual SpookTacular activities until 6 p.m, one hour past the museumโ€™s normal closing time.

SpookTacular, designed for children ages 7 and younger, features games, entertainment and special prizes wit all of the fun of Halloween and none of the scares, The museum will be open for SpookTacular only, and children are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes.

SpookTacular tickets available Oct. 15 (Pre Sale for Members starts Oct. 7th)
$5 for museum members $10 for non-members.
Admission is free for children younger than 1, but they must have a ticket.ย  The museum will close at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 30, to prepare for this event.

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