Do you enjoy working with curious learners but cannot commit to full time hours? Look no further! This is an ideal job opportunity for candidates who are retired, going back to Grad school, or who would enjoy more of a work/life balance.

The Woodlands Children’s Museum is currently looking for our next passionate and creative teacher to join our team for the spring semester. These positions come with the opportunity for more classes throughout the summer and fall. We are currently looking for a few special teachers to take on our: Little Picasso’s, EARLY Robotics, and Lego Frenzy Righteous Robotiks. Visit our website for more details on the classes.

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Job Requirements:

Teacher must be: Responsible for the daily planning, management, and supervision of the classroom and children. Generally, is assisted in the classroom by an assistant teacher.
Daily hours: 1-3 days a week, 2-4 hours a day.
Summers off—unless you are interested in our summer workshop opportunities
Ensures that appearance, cleanliness and safe environment of classroom are appropriately maintained.
Assists and supervises children during all activities.
Counsel’s children when social, academic, or adjustment problems arise.
Prepares and implements classroom lesson plans, program, and schedule.
Develops, plans, and prepares instructional aids / materials for classroom activities.
Assists children with meal times and clean-up.
Ensures that all materials are in good working condition and are used and maintained properly.
Physically arranges the classroom into well-defined interest areas.
Directs activities of other staff in the classroom to ensure that the classroom functions in an orderly manner.

Depending on Experience/Hourly

Please send your resume and CV to: and

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